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Getting Started Angular 9

Angular Open up command prompt from start button. Write the following command: 1. To check node version: >node -v 2. To check npm version: >npm -v 3. Install Angular CLR >npm install -g @angular/cli 3. To check ng version ng --version 3. To create new Angular App: >ng new app1 3. Install bootstrap package >cd angapp >npm install bootstrap 4. To start app1: >cd app1 >ng s --post 2000 -o 5. To create component: > ng g c [ComponentName] 6. To create service: >ng g s [Service Name] 7. To build ng app: >ng build --prod 8. To install lite-server: > npm i g lite-server 9. To start app1 in lite-server >cd dist\app1 >lite-server https://fahmidasclassroom.com/angular-8-installation/ https://fahmidasclassroom.com/register-and-login-system-using-angular-8-php-and-mysql/ https://fahmidasclassroom.com/angular-crud-using-php-and-mysql/

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