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Quiz - computer-fundamental

1. A firewall is consist of ______.

A) Softwares
B) Hardwares
C) Software & Hardware
D) Antivirus & Hardware

2. Which Internet connection/link helps you in the remote connection?

A) Wireless Hot Spots
B) Mobile phone
C) Satellite
D) Phone line

3. Which of the following device(s) works as both Input and Output device?

A) Speech Synthesizers
B) Monitor
C) Modem
D) Touch screen monitor
E) Speaker

4. PDA stands for ______.

A) Personal Digital Assistant
B) Personal Divide Assistant
C) Processor Drive Assistant
D) Practical Drive Assistant

5. Microphones is a ______.

A) Input device
B) Output device
C) Input and Output device
D) Input Memory

6. The PC industry began in?

A) 1977
B) 1967
C) 1877
D) 1978

7. A gigabyte consists of approximately ______.

A) One thousand Bytes
B) One thousand Bits
C) One thousand Megabytes
D) One thousand Kilobytes

8. CD-R means ______?

A) Computer Disk Recordable
B) Compact Disk Re writable
C) Compact Disk Recordable
D) All

9. 1 MHz stands for ______?

A) One million cycles per second
B) Two  million cycles per second
C) One billion cycles per second
D) None

10. RSI stands for ______.

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rsi lekhar jaiga paini sir
Compact Disk - Recordable