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IDB-BISEW Descriptive Questions on Flash

1. How can you set the stage size in Flash? 2. How can you set or change the background color for a flash movie? 3. Write down the names of four basic shape tools in Flash. 4. How can you make a basic shape tween animation? 5. How can you make a basic motion tween animation? 6. Write at least two ways of converting a static graphic to symbol. 7. Write down the name of four states of a “Button” symbol in Flash. 8. How can you get vector graphics from a bitmap image in Flash? 9. Why do you use the motion guide in Flash? 10. What are the types of tweening? 11. What is Timeline? 12. Why playhead is used? 14. Why snap to object is used in flash? 15. What are scenes in Flash? 16. Why polystar tool is used in Flash? 17. What is Free transform tool in Flash? 18. What is Button Symbol? 19. What is Movie Symbol? Why is it used? 20. What is registration point? Why is it used?

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