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Question: Briefly describe the following Engines: a. MyISAM b. InnoDB c. MEMORY  

Answer MyISAM: 1. MyISAM become MYSQL's default storage engine as of version 3.23. 2. MyISAM tables are operating system independent. 3. Capable of sorting more data, but at a cost of less storage space than counterpart. 4. Three MyISAM formats: static, dynamic, and compress are available. InnoDB 1. Robust transactional storage engine 2. Working with large data stores. 3. It has been available to MySQL users since version 3.23 and effective solution for transactional applications MEMORY: 1. To attain the fastest response time possible, the logical storage media is system memory. 2. Sorting table data in memory does indeed offer impressive performance. 3. If the mysqld daemon crashes, all MEMORY data will be lost. 

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